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 As a leading New York City based travertine cleaning and restoration company, we provide free in-home consultation, transparent pricing and detailed service descriptions. Our restoration technicians are highly trained and certified to implement the use of eco-friendly products dedicated to deliver the highest standard in service when cleaning travertine flooring and surfaces.


Travertine is a sedimentary rock which is formed by the transformation of limestone. Carbon-dioxide which water passes through limestone, dissolves it and becomes saturated in it. Changes in temperature and pressure occur and the carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere as it reaches the surface of the earth. As carbon dioxide is released at these hot springs, the limestone loses its ability to remain in solution and re-crystallizes over tiny plants, algae and moss. Over time layers and layers of this new stone build up which is the travertine we see today.

Its main constituents, Calcite and Gypsum, are colorless however minor impurities, other compounds and organic pigments give it common mellow hues of gold, brown and yellow.

Visually travertine will have a holy appearance which can vary from tiny pinholes to large irregular voids. This is due to the presence of gas bubbles when it is formed. Once the travertine is cut into tiles, the holes can either be filled with grout or epoxy fillers or left unfilled.

Travertine has a hardness rating of 3 – 4 on Moh’s scale. It’s a smooth dense stone that is popular because of the wide variety of finishes it is available in. These include a combination of filled, unfilled, honed, polished, chiseled, brushed, chipped and tumbled. It was used extensively in Roman times due to the massive deposits at hand at the base of the Tiburtine Mountains. It was also favored because it is less permeable than marble and much easier to quarry and use than granite.


  • Tiles and Sink bowls: Very popular in bathrooms

  • Building stone: The Colliseum and many other ancient buildings in Rome are made of Travertine

  • Statuary & Chess Pieces

  • External flooring: Garden and patio paving

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