Do you charge for estimates?

No, we don’t. All estimates are free of charge, we will go to your job site at your most convenient time and date, and we offer a 24hr service to our customers.

Do you will create dust?

No, we will not. All the work is done wet, we use a wet procedure in order of not create any dust;the procedure is complete children and pet friendly.

Do you care for your surroundings?

Yes, we do. All your furniture, carpets and walls will be protected previous of start the work.

Do you sub any work out to other contractors?

No. All our work is carried out by our own staff to ensure that quality expectations are always met. We will sometimes work with other stone restoration companies in joint partnership projects if tight deadlines are given.

Do you charge extra for out of hours work on Domestic Jobs?

As we carry out a great amount of work for commercial clients, we have to be able to offer a 24 hour service. For this reason our charges are never dependent on what time of the day or week we are on site.

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Do you offer a consultation service for architects?

Yes. We are able to advise architects and project managers on matters relating to natural stone maintenance and sealing.

Do you supply any products and/or information for in-house maintenance of stone?

Yes. After any restoration work is completed we will always advise our client on suitable products to use for ongoing maintenance if is to be done in-house.

What is your customer service policy?

Simple, our clients are always only a phone call away from free advice whenever it is needed regarding stains, spillages, maintenance, damage or any other issues related to their natural stone. Commercial clients will have a 24hr mobile number which can be called in emergencies.

“If you don’t believe that we have given you the finest restoration service available we will work until you are happy. If you still can’t see it you won’t have to pay us a thing. That’s right. If we can’t make you happy you can have the job for FREE”. 


  • DO Dust mop, Damp mop, and Dust mop.
  • DO clean natural stone surfaces only with natural cleaners or stone soaps.
  • DO pick up spills immediately by blotting with clean rag or white paper towel.
  • DO thoroughly rinse and dry the stone surfaces after washing.
  • DO Use proper floor mats outside the door and inside.
  • DO Damp mop your stone surfaces regularly.


  • DON’T Use vinegar, lemon juice, glass ,bath room , grout tub and tile cleaners.
  • DON’T Use other cleaners that containing acids on marble, travertine, limestone or onyx.
  • DON’T Use abrasive cleaners such as soft scrub, dry cleanser or soft cleanser.
  • DON’T Mix bleach and ammonia. It will create a toxic and lethal gas.
  • DON’T ever mix chemicals together unless directions instruct you to do so.