covid-19 information

Business Affirmation
COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan
Name of Business: NYC Marble Care
Industry: Stone Cleaning, Restoration & Repairs

Throughout this pandemic, we have monitored the CDC, health authorities, and NY State guidelines to ensure we take all the appropriate preventative measures. In addition, we continue to develop practices and new efforts to build upon our previous actions to support the well-being of everyone. We want you all to know that protecting the safety and health of both our employees and clients is paramount and our top priority. We are committed, as always, to making sure our customers have a positive and secure experience.

All our employees are fully vaccinated. In addition, we adhere to all onsite safety guidelines established by the CDC and local government.

NYC Marble Care will continue to consult the NY Forward and applicable Executive Orders issued by the Governor/Mayor office periodically or whenever notified of the availability of new guidance.

Welberson DosSantos
Chief Operating Officer