Slate Cleaning, Restoration & Sealing

Slate is a homebuilding material that is very popular and is used in fireplaces surrounds, flooring, countertops, walkways and walls. Slate has become popular because of its natural beauty and durability.

Because of wearing and time, slate might become dirty and will need restoration. Cleaning, restoring and sealing your slate can be professionally done by NYC Stone Care. We can help you recover the natural beauty of your slate to a like-new condition.


Preventive Maintenance:


Slate can be well maintained if a proper maintenance cycle is put in place from the point of installation. Due to the lack of calcite in its composition, slate is resistant to acid. Problems can still arise however if the slate is very porous, as some can be, in which case the application of a good quality penetrative sealer is an absolute must.

If the slate is honed or polished the issue of scratching will have to be more seriously addressed. Barrier mats will serve to trap abrasive soil before it is walked onto the slate.


Regular Maintenance:


Any stone needs a good planned maintenance schedule in place to preserve it and to delay restoration procedures for as long as possible. Daily maintenance will consist of dry dust mopping using a clean rayon mop. Regular damp mopping will also be required. This must be carried out using a good quality stone soap alternated with just fresh water. It is important that soap residue doesn’t build up on the surface of the stone. If the slate is honed or polished, regular professional maintenance will be required to maintain its appearance and remove any scratches or loss of shine and luster.



Slate is a versatile stone which can be left rough, honed smooth or polished to a shine. Slate tiles can look very natural and unusual indoors however many of our clients complain of their dull color, ‘garden path’ appearance. In this situation the slate can treated with an enhancing sealer which will serve to deepen the color without sacrificing the rough, layered texture of the stone.

Another common request is for a natural uneven slate tile floor to be made completely flat. We can achieve this using a diamond abrasive procedure which will effectively grind down the slate to a perfectly level finish. It can then be left with a mat appearance or polished to a shine as desired.

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We have all the necessary tools and experienced staff to restore your slate and provide regular and preventative maintenance and make it look as if it was just taken out of the factory. It doesn’t matter how damaged or dirty your slate is, NYC Stone Care will not leave until you are fully satisfied with our work.

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